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What would be the best major to study if you are mainly interested in IT?

Asked Amery, Wisconsin

There are many majors surrounding computers to chose from such as Computer Engineering or Computer Science; which major would be the best if you are trying to learn about IT and Cyber Warfare in the Air Force? #computer-science #computer-engineering #military #air-force #cyber-defense

2 answers

Jason’s Answer

Updated San Antonio, Texas

Your question is a little misleading. You are asking for what majors to study if you are trying to LEARN about IT and Cyber Warfare in the Air Force. If you want to learn about IT and Cyber Warfare in the Air Force the only way is to join the Air Force. The subject of Cyber Warfare in the military is a very secure topic. Asking that question on a forum of this degree would not get you very far. However, if you are looking to JOIN the Air Force and pursue a career in Cyber and are looking for what major to study, either of the two majors you suggested would suffice. Joining the Air Force with those degrees would be a smart option because in some colleges they only prepare you for the certification tests (they do not certify you). After you graduate you can go and pay to take the test, and if you fail you have to pay again and again. If you join the AF, they will pay for these certifications. There are also some prerequisites before you can pay to take the test with some certifications.

Computer Engineering is more for developers. If you pursue this major you should expect to create applications through coding. It does branch out to other jobs, but the majority of graduate that have that degree start off there, as software developers. Computer Science is a more broad major. That career field will prepare you to be a project manager in the IT career, Software Delivery Lifecycle. In that major, you will take alot of various classes and nothing really concentrated. I had to take an IT finance class, E-Commerce, Project management, Intro to C+/Java, Network, Network Security, Database management. Just look at that list of classes. You are all over the place in IT, and if you noticed you dont really concentrate on just one thing. Your hand is in everything.

Certifications are the key to higher paying jobs and climbing that ladder. In the military, i don't think it is AS important, it is more for proficiency. The military will give you more experience that some graduates will not get coming out of college. Another thing to keep in mind if you are wanting to join the military in cyber is security clearances. Is there things in your past that would hold you up or deny you from getting a clearance. If not, make sure you have all your relatives and friends addresses and have kept in touch with them. If not, start reaching out to them and find out where they are, if they plan on moving, etc. You can have all these credentials, motivation, and determination and it would be sad to see you get denied due to not being able to get a security clearance.

Dennis’s Answer

Updated California, California

Hi, To expound a little on Jason's answer I have spent numerous years in Special Forces in the Army and as a Consultant with Deloitte that required a Top Secret Security Clearance. If you cannot or do not want to go through the lengthy process of getting a clearance and not everyone will be granted one which can be caused by numerous things. You will also have to go through 7.5 weeks of Basic training, 1 week of additional training, plus 66 days of technical training if you are coming into the enlisted ranks. The training is longer for officers. I would contact an Air Force recruiter in your local area to discuss options! best of luck!