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Do you pay per quarter or per year for financial aid?

Updated San Francisco, California

My financial aid net costs shows a certain price. Do I pay for that 3 times (there are 3 quarters in one school year) or is that price just one school yer already? #financial-planning #loans #college #debt

2 answers

Ricardo’s Answer

Updated Vallejo, California

Per quarter

Angelique’s Answer


When you receive your award letter from your college, your aid will be listed for two or three semesters determined by what your school uses. Therefore, your aid is divided among those two or three semesters. I hope this answers your question.

Angelique recommends the following next steps:

  • Review your award letter
  • Determine how many semesters/terms is included in an academic year.
  • Speak to your financial aid office.
Review your award letter
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