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What are the best strategies for finding and securing residency programs for after pharmacy school?

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For pharmacy students interested in pursuing a residency program after pharmacy school, it can sometimes be challenging. What are some effective strategies in going about the residency search? #pharmacy #pharmacy-student #pharmacy-residency

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Elizabeth’s Answer

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American Society of Health-System Pharmacists (ASHP) will have the most resources for starting a residency search. I would highly recommend going to your local or state society of health-system pharmacists for local residency showcases. The largest and most comprehensive of these showcases will be at the ASHP mid-year conference that is in December of each year in varying locations. There you are able to speak with representatives of each program and get more information.

As far as timing, the best time to go to these showcases is during your 2nd - 3rd year of pharmacy school. 4th year is too late since most students are already completing applications around mid-year and most programs have deadlines in late December/early January.

Another important thing is to contact programs that you are particularly interested in and set up casual visits (pre-interviews if you will). This helps you stand out from other applicants and also familiarizes leadership with your name and face. Use contacts when you can - professors, family friends, etc. because in a competitive environment, getting your name out there and having someone vouch for you is very helpful.

For Texas specifically, most Colleges of Pharmacy have their own local residency showcases that are less overwhelming that the one at ASHP mid-year. In addition, local chapters of ASHP usually have mentoring programs that you can sign up for and have a mentor in the field you are interested. Often this mentor can be quite helpful in advancing your residency search.

Good luck!

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Krystal’s Answer


The ASHP website is the best resource to find residency programs for after pharmacy school. Utilizing PhORCAS system through the ASHP website is the best tool used to apply to residency programs.

Devangkumar’s Answer

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Contact ASHP ( https://accred.ashp.org/aps/pages/directory/residencyprogramsearch.aspx ) and ACCP ( https://www.accp.com/resandfel/ )

There are some non-accredited residency program with Academy of Managed Care Pharmacy ( http://amcp.org/Tertiary.aspx?id=9076 )

ASHP has resident matching program that could be most helpful.

check this webpage: https://natmatch.com/ashprmp/applicants/applications.html

I hope that this would be helpful.

All great answers above! There is also a book called "Get the Residency - ASHP’s Guide to Residency Interviews and Preparation" that I would recommend. It has all of the above advice in an easy to read and follow format.
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