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Taylor’s Avatar
Taylor Mar 02, 2022 586 views

What is the best part about being a pharmacist ?

What is the the best part of the job : making connections with patients, and etc. #pharmacy

destiney’s Avatar
destiney Apr 07, 2022 408 views

What kind of careers can I pursue in health and medicine?

I want to be a medical assistant but I am also thinking of being a registered nurse but I want to be certain on what I want to do.

Anna’s Avatar
Anna Apr 04, 2022 587 views

Is it OK to take a gap year?

I'm not sure if I want to go to college straight away

Maya’s Avatar
Maya Mar 27, 2018 1720 views

What are the best strategies for finding and securing residency programs for after pharmacy school?

For pharmacy students interested in pursuing a residency program after pharmacy school, it can sometimes be challenging. What are some effective strategies in going about the residency search? #pharmacy #pharmacy-student #pharmacy-residency

Jabe’s Avatar
Jabe Oct 25, 2021 1141 views

what skills, abilities, or personal qualities are essential to become a successful pharmacist?

#pharmacy #pharmacist #healthcare #pharmaceuticals