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what is a school i can go to if i want to be a dancer??

Updated Duncanville, Texas

I do have an interest in hip hop and I want to major in it and www.google.com/ doesn't want to want to help me out.
I know you can PLEASE!!!!!! :0 ;) #dance #entrepreneur #hip-hop

2 answers

Tina’s Answer

Updated New York, New York

Hi Soriah. Agree, check out universities and colleges near you that have dance programs. I always recommend to students I talk to use their local resources at schools and ask them how to proceed in moving forward in the desired emphasis or degree they are wanting to pursue. Most schools will look at a broader degree, perhaps Modern Dance as an emphasis which would include what you would like to specialize in. For most programs in the performance arts, there are tryouts and interviews as part of the acceptance process. Which makes it an especially great idea to do some research for schools you are interested in to see how what they require there.

One other suggestion is to look at possible summer programs, seminars or groups you can join to get some additional background on the organizational aspects of dance and study. Great way to get an idea of what's involved, where you may be at in your repertoire and skill set and can work on for future try-outs.

Good luck!

Tanya’s Answer

Updated Atlanta, Georgia

Soriah, did you try Googling 'colleges that offer dance major'? Most large traditional colleges, such as the University of Texas and Texas State University, offer a Bachelor of Arts or a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Dance. Both degrees are 4-year programs. Of course, there are schools just for the arts such as Julliard in New York City.

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