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If a employee fails to show up for a mandatory safety training what happens to the employee?

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4 answers

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Misty’s Answer

Normally when companies put in for employees to attend mandatory meetings, there is a reason for this with it either because very serious information that the employees need in order to perform their job, immediate changes to current policy and procedure, or new policies that are being put in place. There are also times depending on the job type that these mandatory meetings will satisfy training requirements that are needed for education credit hours that a person must have for the job. When an employee fails to attend these without a reason of emergency, it is generally up to management as to how this is handled and can be anything from a written warning up to and including termination just based on the company policy

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Melisa’s Answer

Hi Dalton. Thoughtful question and I think Misty's answer is spot on.

The only thing I'll add is to think of it from a standpoint of consistency and what do you think should happen if an employee doesn't complete a mandatory task? Or what if an employee fails to show up for work without a valid excuse? Or doesn't complete a requirement to report their time worked, etc. Basically, if an employee is required to adhere to something as part of their job, including attend training that can keep individuals and others safe, there are likely consequences for not complying.

These can vary by company and policy but it is always good to ensure you, as an employee, are clear on what the guidelines and consequences are. I feel that if an employee is consistent in their approach to delivering results, whether it is completing a task, showing up for work on time and attending mandatory training, etc. this can help build an employee's reliability and brand as a valued employee.

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Melisa recommends the following next steps:

Also, check out this resource on the National Safety Council and what they do to help workplaces stay safe. https://www.nsc.org/safety-training/workplace

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Kader Jean Gustave’s Answer

It depends of the employer and the position of the employee.

He could lose his job if he can’t work without the training he missed because safety is very important.

He could continue working if there’s still manageable time for him to get the training before he can’t work without it. I said this because OSHA and NYC can have different periods before a law takes action.

Also he could take time off and get the training somewhere else before going back to work and of course if employer allows that.

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Robert’s Answer

In many cases the employer with a good employee(seldom if ever late does not miss days is not a currently being continuously reminded of safe practices) the employer ma allow the employee to read over the safety meeting .Most safety meetings are a tool box talk format easy to read information. After reading employee will sign off stating he has read the material. Some cases depending on the employer and or if a collective bargaining agreement is in place the employee may be terminated. Best practices suggests we never miss a safety meeting but if it is inevitable that you miss contact your supervisor immediately.

Robert recommends the following next steps:

If available attend and OSHA 10 or 30 hr safety training class either for 1910 General Industry or 1926Construction Industry