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What are some of the extracurrciulars I should have on my resume for competitive schools and medical schools?

Asked Canton, Michigan

I'm kind of confused on which extracurriculars to join that will make my resume look good for competitive schools and medical schools in general. Are there any specific must-haves I should have like NHS? What are some of the extra ones that will also look good?

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2 answers

Carole’s Answer

Updated Rancho Palos Verdes, California

Hi Hanan: This is a complicated question because there are many unknown aspects, but I will try and make it simple: Lets start with competitive colleges. If you have taken AP classes in high school then that is a great section to put on your resume and name each of the classes. If you had a part time job in high school that would go under your job experience. If you have been an officer in a club or sport then list the name of club and which office you held such as Vice President. If you were on the school newspaper explain what you did in that position. If you were a volunteer for maybe a charity or a YMCA this is also an eye catcher for your resume. Anything good that you did extra while going to school should be recognized on your resume. Now lets talk about Medical School When you see your counselor at your medical school you should put down on your application all the science/medical classes that you have already taken and any volunteering or job that would help you get such as: volunteering at a hospital or a Drs. office; making good grades in your science classes; If you took any CPR classes or other classes that are in the medical field are a plus to help you into medical school, Keeping your grades up is a great way to get to go to the school you want; if you help out at a Senior Citizen place that is also a volunteer position and a plus for the medical school. Any and all of these ideas mentioned above wound help you to possible moved up the list for a possible entrance.

Carole recommends the following next steps:

  • Research now for voluntary jobs, in hospitals, senior groups, boys and girls clubs, and take some classes such as CPR and get a certification for it so that can also go on your resume. Check out the lab classes and see if you can aid the teacher as a classroom aide.
  • I would start researching schools to find out what the Pre med program is about. Sometimes there are internships that can be just what you are looking for. Also, always check the job board at your school, you will find that there might be some for you to get excited about.
  • I hope this has helped you to think about the future and all the ideas I have suggested. Check in at the Career Centers at your school to take some assessments that might help you gather information about your career choices and your personality before you even start school to if this is really what you want. I wish you the best in your future career choices and hope you love what you do!! Get the boo "Do what you are." written by Tieger & Barron
Okay, thank you!

Sarah’s Answer

Updated Boston, Massachusetts

Hi Hanan,

That is a great question! I would recommend looking for opportunities that relate to something you have a personal passion for, but that you can also take a leadership role in. For example, can you organize a group of volunteers who regularly help patients at a local clinic? Colleges really look for traits of leadership and service, so I would recommend any type of volunteer opportunity where you can lead in a specific way as a great start to building your resume (and also you, personally!) and making a difference for your local community!

Thank you!
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