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What are requirements I would need to meet in order to become a Special Education Teacher?

I'm interested in becoming a Special Education Teacher. I visited a class one day and became interested in the job, #special-education #teaching #teacher #special-education/adapted-pe #education-of-children-with-autistic-spectrum-disorders #special-education-teacher

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2 answers

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Mandy’s Answer

You will need a BS/BA in any field plus a teaching certification from your state with a specialization in sped. Fortunately, the government and many programs will heavily subsidize your tuition for sped, math , or science.

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Jason Aaron’s Answer

I am a Special Education paraprofessional. I am in graduate school right now to get my Masters' degree in Special education. The name of the program is Masters in Teaching (MAT) - Leads to Certification. My undergraduate degree was in Marketing, I am taking another common conventional route and that is through getting my Teacher's certification through graduate program.
As Mandy said above, the conventional process of becoming a special education teacher is getting a BA/BS in Teaching/Education with focus on Special Education for an undergraduate degree.
There are a lot other conventional routes but they all require getting a teacher's certificate with focus of Special education.

Requirements to be a Special Education teacher:
get a degree (Special Education), teachers' certification, A semester of student teaching, Pass a series of Praxis exams

If you have not received a bachelor's degree, I would recommend that route. It is more streamlined process in general. If you already have a degree, then I would recommend the step I am taking which is Masters in Teaching - Leads to Certification.

I hope this helps you out.