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James Jan 26, 2017 1453 views

Should I choose a major(s) based on what career I want to pursue, or choose a career based on the major(s) that interest me?

I am still unsure about future career paths and declaring majors and am in need of some guidance. #college #college-major #career-counseling #career-choice #higher-education #college-majors #undecided

Jaidyn’s Avatar
Jaidyn Aug 31, 2017 849 views

Is it ok to not be certain on the major you want to study for in college?

I have multiple majors that I am interested in but I do not know which one is the right option for me. #decidingmajor #undecided #career-counseling #college-major

Ibrahim’s Avatar
Ibrahim Jan 17, 2018 635 views

i don't what to major in ?

because i have very little time to decide what to do in collage #college #college-major #undecided #career-counseling

Ramsey’s Avatar
Ramsey Jun 24, 2020 862 views

What career best suits my interests?

I enjoy administrative tasks such as office duties, budgeting, math, and providing explanations. I love to help people wherever and whenever I can. I have been trying to find a career that best suits my interest for years but nothing seems to stick. I will be starting college soon and I would...

jayaprasad yadav’s Avatar
jayaprasad yadav May 09, 2016 1530 views

How do I become a good teacher?

I want to became a teacher #teaching #teacher #education #teach #teachers

Leslie’s Avatar
Leslie Apr 24, 2020 815 views

What steps do you need to complete to become a teaching assistant?

#teaching #education #teacher

Kailey’s Avatar
Kailey Feb 21, 2019 648 views

Why do some kids act bad in school

Sometimes when I am in school studying, A random person just starts mouthing the teacher and talking back to the teacher. I do not see the reason for this after all they have done for us. Without them we would not be as smart as us kids would be now. That is my question I hope someone answers...

Emily’s Avatar
Emily May 14, 2020 614 views

What are the different steps you need to take to become an educator?

I am an eighth grader who is wondering about the steps to persue my dream of becoming a teacher. I would like to teach highschool students. I want to know what the best schools are for teaching and all about the process of becoming a teacher. #education #teacher #educator #teaching #highschool

Casey’s Avatar
Casey Dec 05, 2014 2354 views

What will a daily schedule be like for a special education teacher?

Hello I am Casey Gaffney, a junior at Boston Collegiate Charter School. I have always wanted to be a teacher since I was a child. I am specifically interested in Special Education. I want to focus on Down Syndrome and Autism. I am curious about how teaching students with special disabilities...

Rosemarie’s Avatar
Rosemarie Dec 11, 2014 12391 views

What are the pros and cons of being a special education teacher?

Hi, my name is Rosemarie Mullaly and I am a junior at Boston Collegiate Charter School. I have been interested in being a teacher since fifth grade, and I realized I want to be a special education teacher since eighth grade. I want to work with children with cognitive disabilities (Autism, Down...

Olivia’s Avatar
Olivia Apr 04, 2018 495 views

What are requirements I would need to meet in order to become a Special Education Teacher?

I'm interested in becoming a Special Education Teacher. I visited a class one day and became interested in the job, #special-education #teaching #teacher #special-education/adapted-pe #education-of-children-with-autistic-spectrum-disorders #special-education-teacher

Kelly’s Avatar
Kelly Dec 16, 2014 1732 views

Is the job of a Special Education Teacher thankless and tiring?

I'm asking this question because I realize that this career can be difficult sometimes, and I want to make sure that I will be able to handle the pressure put on me every day. #teaching #special-education