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what is the day to day experience for a nurse?

iam asking this because i would like to know what my daily schedule would be if i was to be nurse and what there hours are like #nurse #experience

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2 answers

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Suzanne’s Answer

Nurses in hospitals often work three 12 hour shifts a week. Sometimes this also includes working every third weekend. Twelve hour shifts are usually broken up into day and night shifts, so something like day shift 7am - 7:30pm and night shift 7pm - 7:30am.

Some hospital nursing positions are for ten hour shifts and others eight hour shifts.

On certain hospital units a nurse will always work the same days of the week (e.g.: Jenny always works 12 hour shifts on Mon, Tues, and Thurs). Other units may have a variable schedule so the days a nurse works change all the time.

Unlike many jobs, hospital nurses often have to work holidays because people are sick and need care every day of the year. But you shouldn't have to work every single holiday. You share the workload with your colleagues.

Nursing positions that are not in the hospital setting are more likely to have normal business hours (and holidays off!).

Compared to many other professions, nursing has good opportunities for part-time employment. This can be a great option depending on your financial situation and the other factors in your life competing for your time and resources.

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Kathleen’s Answer

The daily routine depends on where you work. As a floor nurse on a busy medical/surgical floor, you learn how to delegate, anticipate and prioritize. You give out medications usually at 10 am, 200pm and 600pm. Other treatments like wound care and breathing treatments are worked around those times. Then you coordinate when patients have to be at Xray, or physical therapy or in another department for a procedure. You learn how to multi task!