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Chaslyn’s Avatar
Chaslyn Jan 16, 2018 405 views

I will be a BFA Dance major in college. I am trying to choose from several offers. Is it reasonable for me to request/demand to take a few dance classes on my college visit to allow me to gauge the fit?

I have been accepted to several really good college dance programs and am still waiting on audition results from a few others. Once I have all the offers, my parents want us to visit the primary contenders. When I go to do these official campus visits, is it reasonable for me to...

Stephanie’s Avatar
Stephanie Feb 09, 2017 744 views

How important are interpersonal skills in the nursing profession?

............... #nurse #registered-nurses #nurse-practitioner #communication #interpersonal-skills #personal-development #career-details

TyanaCodman2’s Avatar
TyanaCodman2 Sep 07, 2012 1738 views

what is the day to day experience for a nurse?

iam asking this because i would like to know what my daily schedule would be if i was to be nurse and what there hours are like #nurse #experience

DejaCodman2’s Avatar
DejaCodman2 Sep 09, 2012 3401 views

when becoming a nurse which degree is better to get first, MSN or BSN?

Hi, I am a sophomore who is interested in being a neonatal nurse. I know that obtaining a BSN takes longer so would it be best to start off with that one and obtain a MSN later when I am working to gain the experience that is needed? #nurse #healthcare #degree #working

DejaCodman2’s Avatar
DejaCodman2 Sep 09, 2012 2835 views

what are some of the best hospitals to work at?

I am a sophomore interested in becoming a doctor. #doctor #medicine #nurse #jobs #hospital

ChristopherG’s Avatar
ChristopherG Mar 29, 2012 1142 views

In college, are there specific classes I have to take in order to work as a child nurse?

I know that there are different types of nurses. However, I would like to work with children because I believe I work and bond well with children, Specifically, would I just qualify as a register nurse and work from there? #nurse

BrandiB’s Avatar
BrandiB Mar 29, 2012 3008 views

What steps do you need to take to become a registered nurse?

I'm not sure what I want to do as a career. But nursing seems like something that would interest me because you work closley with patients and doctors. #nurse

CareerVillage ’s Avatar
CareerVillage Dec 29, 2011 3941 views

What is the career path to a successful career in international health care?

I want to work internationally, and I work to work in health care. What are the different options, and how should I prepare myself so that I am successful? #healthcare #health #career-paths #international #career-options

NnamdiCodman3’s Avatar
NnamdiCodman3 Jan 06, 2012 8757 views

how old do you have to be to attend medical school?

medical school-age #medicine #healthcare #health #medical-school

DavidOppNet2017’s Avatar
DavidOppNet2017 Jan 24, 2012 25898 views

Is it possible to pursue two careers at the same time?

I want to pursue a career both as a medical internist and a classical pianist. I am a classical trained and an experienced performing pianist, who has huge interests in aiding those who face adversity with their health. #medicine #science #music #career-choice #career-paths

Shatasia’s Avatar
Shatasia Jan 06, 2012 2966 views

Do you ever get nervous when getting ready to perform? If so, what helps to calm the nerves?

In theatre, Movies, Television, and other acting-related things, do you ever come across nerves when getting ready to go on set? If you do, what helps you to get over it and just do it anyways? #art #acting

TashinaCodman1’s Avatar
TashinaCodman1 Jan 11, 2012 12323 views

How much money does a nurse make a year?

i want to know how much money will they earn like working in a emergency room like in general #career #nurse #money

TashinaCodman1’s Avatar
TashinaCodman1 Jan 25, 2012 1745 views

What is it like to be in the emergency room helping people with injury?

i want to know how does it feel like to help people with high injury . #doctor #nurse #emergency