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What kinds of safety precaution mersures do you have when you are operating heavy equimpent?

Updated Camden, New York

because I am wondering so I will know what to expect. #heavyequimpent #construction #warehouse #blue-collar #safety

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You want to have your confidence in yourself with the heavy equipment you are operating built up with familiarity of the equipment and job site. So first thing we do is walk a complete 360 ° around the equipment checking for anything that is out of place , worn, making sure everything is functional. Making sure to check all fluid levels, batteries, etc. After it all checks out we climb on the equipment making sure to always use a 3 points of contact as we climb on. (Meaning always having at least 3 of your 4 feet and hands touching the equipment, keeping balance. Before operating any equipment you need to have thorough understanding of the job site you are operating on. Taking all precautions needed to manouver safely. Their are different safety hazards with all jobs and professionalism comes with experience. Remember safety is always first and everyone working here is a safety officer.