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How hard is it to get a paid internship?

Updated Lansing, Illinois

Because I hope I get lucky enough to obtain an internship that will help pay for my education #civil-engineering #internships #paid-internships #job #money #finance

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Nick’s Answer

Updated Washington, Washington

Hi Nathan,

Based on my experience through having three kids who had gotten internships in college, getting a paid internship takes a lot of work in searching for opportunities and networking through your college career services and engineering dept offices.

Normally paid internships are available after junior year in college when the internship companies want to try to hire you for a full time position after you leave college. But that is not to say you can’t get an internship earlier in your college career. You need to have top grades to get paid internships earlier, but you should also get a paid position between freshman and sophomore year so you can make some money for college and gain some work experience even if it is not in engineering.

Don’t discount family friends who may be able to provide lead to internships. You should explore all potential avenues.

Stay positive and networking is the key in internships and pursuing job opportunities later in life,

Good luck