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How to get started in the investing realm?

Asked Saint John, New Brunswick, Canada

I am currently in college and am pursuing my degree in finance. I want to get more into the investment side of finance so I was curious about how I would be able to make that step. Should I look into internships that could give me this opportunity or should I do research on my own? #finance #internships #money #investing #investment

2 answers

Donald’s Answer

Updated Alexandria, Virginia

Great advice from Scott. It is unclear to me exactly what you mean. For example, notice Scott is in finance at Dell. You can get into the sales side - a very difficult job with lots of rejection but with the possibility of making a lot of money. You can manage portfolios. Banks have Treasury departments where their sole job is to provide funding for the bank and to invest the bank's cash. Same thing with other companies. Decide what you like and then find people in the industry who do that job and talk with them.

R. Scott’s Answer

Updated Austin, Texas

Yes, seek an internship with an investment firm. Start researching stocks. Read investment firm reviews. Learn about different types of investments (stocks, bonds, mutual funds). Join an investment club that meets weekly and rotates members recommending stocks. Learn about the fed, inflation, and interest rates.