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What are some good study routines?

I am a sophomore in High School and I was wondering what are your method for studying for finals and AP tests
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Hi Noelle! There are some great tips here: https://www.careervillage.org/questions/580/i-have-a-problem-managing-my-time-how-would-i-fix-this-problem Abby Lupi

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4 answers

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Melisa’s Answer

Hello. Great question and I am sure many of your peers are asking the same thing. I have found it helpful to prioritize and schedule this time into my day, as Kathy recommends.

I often use my mobile device to schedule reminders and block out key times on my calendar for reading, studying, exercising, etc. Make time for yourself so you can do what you need to do that works best for managing stress. Also, when you have a big test or project due that will require a lot of your time, try to work on it a little at a time every day, until it is due, so you can make progress towards your study goals without waiting until the last minute or stressing out all at one time.

On days where it is particularly hectic or stressful for me, I try to take mini-breaks and just step away for a few minutes and walk up and down stairs, or sit in a dark room and just breathe or meditate, sit or walk outside if it’s nice, etc. Stepping away can allow you to come back refreshed and ready to study even more.

And yes, I agree, taking good notes that are well organized is also key so when you come back to them, they make sense and are helpful. Best wishes for success in your career and educational goals.

Melisa recommends the following next steps:

Check-out some helpful study tips here: https://www.bing.com/videos/search?q=good+study+tips+on+youtube&view=detail&mid=130C16DB9A16C63CD09D130C16DB9A16C63CD09D&FORM=VIRE
Organize a study group with your classmates and those who will encourage you to study and can help and not keep or distract you from your goals.
Try using some “Flash Cards” or look at your notes when sitting on a bus or train, or waiting in line for something, etc.
Find a regular spot to study in. Whether it’s a specific corner at home, a coffee shop you like, an area of your local library, etc.

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Luiz Henrique’s Answer

Take notes during the classes and read that after it's a good practice to study.

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Maria’s Answer

I recommend staying focused and organized throughout the course by paying attention and taking good notes. I always made notecards on Quizlet and tested myself. Also, it can be helpful to study with other people. You might be surprised at how beneficial it is to talk through concepts with piers and compile your insights to gain an overall better understanding.

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Kathy’s Answer

go to every class and ask questions

Kathy recommends the following next steps:

Set a certain amount of time for studying each day
take good notes
join a study group