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What scholarships are out there for Grad Students??

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Diana’s Answer

Are you familiar with HRSA or NurseCorps? They offer scholarships and/or loan repayment in exchange for working in healthcare shortage areas. Some states have loan repayment programs as well. Also, many hospitals offer continuing education as a benefit of employment.

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Aaron’s Answer


There are several possible grant or scholarship opportunities you could pursue to help pay for graduate school. As Diana mentioned, HRSA and NurseCorps are very good sources to start with. Another source that many may not be aware of is nursing specialty organizations. For example, the American Psychiatric Nurses Association has a section on its website specifically dedicated to scholarships and grant opportunities (https://www.apna.org/i4a/pages/index.cfm?pageid=3532). Similarly, the American Association of Critical Care Nurses also has a section pertaining to scholarships (https://www.aacn.org/education/scholarship). The American Nurses Association also has a section of its website dedicated to scholarships and grants (https://www.nursingworld.org/education-events/scholarships/).

Otherwise, many hospitals have tuition reimbursement programs that could also be a source of financial assistance with graduate school costs.

Aaron recommends the following next steps:

Look at nursing specialty organizations' websites for scholarship and grant opportunities
Check with your employer to see if tuition reimbursement is offered as an employee benefit