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Is University of Hartford over priced and is it considered a good school?

I applied to the University of Hartford which is a bit pricey but I am not sure if it's worth it. If there's anyone who applied or is attending this school can give me some info and guidance?
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2 answers

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Ali’s Answer

Nobody can answer this question for you. Choosing the best college is highly personal and it’s these type of the decisions that make growing up hard. I mean think about it, do you really want someone else making the decision on how you will be spending the next four years of your life?

I’m sure you are smart and have done a lot of research, that’s probably why you are asking this question. Just know that no choice is going to be perfect. You will have doubts and regrets for most major decisions in your life. As long as you have thought deeply about what you really want (emphasis on you), then you can look back and say you made the best decision at the time. I’d start by thinking about: where do you want to live after college, how is the weather in that region, do they offer the programs I want, does this college have good job placement in the industry I want to work in.

In terms of value, it is better to pay more for certain schools. Example, if you want to work on Wall Street, there are certain pricier schools that increase your odds of obtaining those jobs. In my opinion, it is better to pay for those schools. Reverse engineer that to figure out what you are really paying for? The job placement, alumni, location, prestige.

Lastly, you determine the value of the education. If you pay more for a school, just make sure you take advantage of everything that school has to offer. That way you get your money’s worth. Study abroad, clubs, frats, networks, job fairs, volunteering, events, concerts, sports, everything!

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Bob’s Answer

Hello and good luck! I would say that if you plan to look for a job in the area, UofH is a good choice, as local companies will recruit from there much more than non-local companies. If you plan to live/work elsewhere, there is a chance it may not be cost-effective.