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Credit Analyst
Business and Financial Operations Occupations - Office and Administrative Support Occupations
Hartford, Connecticut
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DD Oct 29, 2021 466 views

What to choose?

Having an interest of being a part of the Banking Industry and wanting to excel in there , Which of the majors today would help me achieve it the best , considering the Future and its needs and requirements ?
#finance #business

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Anish Mar 17, 2021 902 views

What are the proccess to invest in stockmarket Step By Step?And tips to Ivesting in Stock Market for Students?

I am a student.I need to earn money for my higher studies so i think to invest in stock market #investment-management #marketing #finance #economics ..So i need suggestions from proffesionals

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Alejandro Aug 09, 2020 1045 views

What are the chances to get into Investment Banking (any job) as intern without any experience nor a Master's Degree in Finance / CFA? What should I expect in terms of hours worked and chances of growth if I make it?

I am turning 28 this year. My past experience is in Marketing and Sales and just got my Undergraduate Business degree in 2019. During univeristy I picked up some finance subjects as electives like corporate and financial markets. I really love to sell, to invest and to be aware of what happens...

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Mariah Jul 26, 2020 857 views

What extra-curricular activities can I do (during the pandemic) to standout on my college application?

I'm a junior in high school who is starting her college journey. I'm interested in studying English, Philosophy, Business, and Computer Science. I've been trying to study how to trade stocks. #high-school #day-trading #collegejourney #finance #college-applications #extra-curriculars

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Michael Apr 23, 2018 570 views

Is University of Hartford over priced and is it considered a good school?

I applied to the University of Hartford which is a bit pricey but I am not sure if it's worth it. If there's anyone who applied or is attending this school can give me some info and guidance?
#University-of-Hartford #college #paying-for-college #choosing-a-college #money