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what collage should i go to study business

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Im a student from San Francisco, I attend in Abraham Lincoln High school, and I love business. I used to re-sell jordarns for fun and made a profit. that's what really got me into the business system. #business #money

2 answers

Gary Stephen’s Answer


Good question, I would suggest researching and possibly even visiting business schools that you are interested in attending. I will offer a different perspective however, going to a good school is one of many ways to succeed. But, even if you go to a school that is a little less known for business and maybe a little less expensive, you can still do things that will help you succeed in your career and in business/life...get involved in campus and community activities, clubs, business associations, groups, volunteer, the military/reserves/national guard also offers good experience and leadership training. As an example, I had to start off at community college due to work and finances, then I transferred to a 4 year university and went to night school while working full time.

Good luck!

Kayla’s Answer


Hi Elbert,

You sound like you are off to a great start! If you really love business, and are willing to attend university on the East coast, I would recommend Babson College. I have met many successful young men and women who are Babson graduates -- they work in investment management, auditing, and private accounting roles now.

Babson actually offers wonderful career development resources for students and alumni, and coursework tends to focus on entrepreneurial tactics in combination with intricate economic theory. It is a competitive school, and a great one at that!

Best of luck to you! :)