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What will I be expected to accomplish in my first year of an internship for a job of sport management?

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I want to know if having a internship for a sports manager would be exactly what I read it would be #sports-management #sports #athletics #internship

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Patrick’s Answer


It's going to depend specifically on what your internship is focused on. If it's an internship in athletics marketing, they may have you create collateral for distribution to prospects; if it's in athletics operations, you may learn the proper dimensions of the playing field of that sport and prep the field and surrounding area (stadium or arena for pro sports or park/bleachers for recreational activities. There's a number of different responsibilities depending on your department and each will have different expectations.

Patrick recommends the following next steps:

  • Speak with your supervisor (or future supervisor) and ask this specific question. They should have an exact answer for you and it'll give you a better idea of what you can learn from the experience as a whole.
  • Keep asking questions. In the sport industry, many executives have worked for multiple teams and it is a small world. Great sports leaders will take the time to help their interns/staff and make it easier for them to succeed long term including connected them to the next job.
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