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What characteristics make an outstanding student both inside and outside the classroom?

Asked Mission Viejo, California

I have heard the basic qualities of outstanding students such as asking a lot of questions and studying hard (actually reading the textbook, because let's be real we don't have time to read everything!) I would love to hear what other characteristics are good to have to be successful in the classroom setting and in the real world too.
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2 answers

Carole’s Answer

Updated Rancho Palos Verdes, California

Hi Cezanne: Along with studying hard and making sure that you turn in all your projects on time are definitely what usually makes a person a good student. Here are a few other qualities: Do extra work either inside the classroom or outside and you will get more education from your pursuits. This will help you to be more educated than the others in the class; Also when the teacher asks for anyone to help on a project you might want to volunteer; If someone is having trouble with a subject or a project ask the instructor if you can either tutor them after school or help in the classroom; the personality that you have is a big part of how you are received by others, so make sure you are the friendly, helpful and sincere type towards others; Sometimes if you have a hobby or play an musical instrument, or are volunteering at a place that you like a lot you will be learning some new things that you can share with others which will also make you more educated. Everything extra that you do will help you with your maturity, and the knowledge that you get will make you a better student.

Carole recommends the following next steps:

  • I would suggest that you get involved in: clubs, volunteer work, music of some sort; writer for the school newspaper or anything else that is really interesting and you can make more friends and learn more through these activities and the new skills that you acquire. I think if you follow the steps above you will that you can be that outstanding student that you talked about. I wish you the best and hope this was helpful "Remember that Learning inside and out is the key to the knowledge that your are striving for."

Jeff’s Answer

Updated Des Moines, Iowa

Hi Cezanne,

Along with the first answer, I'd second that particular skills, such as ambition, being proactive, thorough, asking questions, etc., are all part of an outstanding students' toolkit. Attending professor office hours illustrates interest and dedication to the topic (as most students do not take advantage of this offering).

Outside the classroom, an outstanding student is able to handle ambiguous projects that require some initiative on their part. Specifically, those that can parse out non-relevant information when working on a project (with lots of information thrown around) will be successful.

There are many more characteristics, but these are very relevant in today's workplace.