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Any tips for organic chemistry?

Asked Canton, Michigan

I want to go into medicine, and I've heard that organic chemistry is a must, but it's also something that is extremely hard. Are there any tips for getting good grades in that class and making sure that I understand everything?

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Hwal’s Answer

Updated Roanoke, Virginia

Hanan, a great question!

First and foremost, I would advise taking and doing your best with general chemistry classes to build a solid foundation in chemistry. They are also almost always required before you're allowed to take organic chemistry. There are many tips I've found along my own journey on how to ace organic chemistry, and they pretty much agree with my personal experience actually taking it (I've also taken biochemistry since then).

These include showing up for lectures even if not required, practising before and after classes, taking lab classes together with lectures, and drawing the structures until you're comfortable with it.

I hope this helps. Good luck with your study!


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