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Is Organic Chemistry really a nightmare?

I'm taking Organic Chemistry next year and I'm scared that it will take many hours of studying for me to understand the concepts. Is it really as bad as everyone makes it seem? #organic-chemistry #medicine #pharmacy

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4 answers

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Sana’s Answer

My best advice is make a review sheet of the reactions, (hydrolysis, oxidation, etc) if your prof hasnt done so. Second, practice, practice, practice. You can sit there and memorize, but organic chemistry is a lot of applying your understanding. You start to notice patterns and realize "oh you use this and this happens".

Most importantly, talk to your professors. They'll give you strategies on how to approach problems.

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Hwal’s Answer


Organic chemistry doesn't have to be a "nightmare." I was worried about the difficulty before I took it, but I ended up really enjoying it, and can now see how it's really helpful in my graduate study. My advice is to make sure you build a good understanding with general chemistry classes so that you'll go into organic chemistry with the best foundational knowledge possible. Then, attend all the classes and keep practicing that 'electron pushing' until you feel more confident with it.

Good luck!


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Yasemin’s Answer

Hi Valerie! It is a more difficult science I agree, but it is not too bad. It really requires effort and commitment; it's important to not only memorize reactions but know how they are carried out. I would recommend Khan academy to study also there is a helpful Organic chemistry tutor on YouTube (the link is below). Definitely make notecards for the reactions and the reagents that carry them out because you want to know what they do. I think with studying and committing a good amount of time it will be easier to manage. As a side note I did struggle a bit in my first semester but did better in my second and actually enjoyed it a little more than General Chemistry and the labs are really interesting!

Best of luck!

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Richard’s Answer

It can be difficult, but is just a matter of memorizing the information. Go to class. Plan to spend 2-3 hours studying for every hour of lecture. Attend your professor's office hours and any TA review sessions. If there is a test bank, use that as a study tool to understand what your professor wants you to focus on for the test.