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What is the best United States location for a biomedical engineer?

Asked Columbia, Missouri

In the future, I would like to become a biomedical engineer. I want to conduct research in a field such as prosthetics, Stem Cells, immunology, neurology, or regeneration. While there are many colleges that offer this as a major, it’s not as obvious where the best place to go after college would be, as far as the job market.

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Daniel’s Answer

Updated Seattle, Washington

Are we talking graduate school? (Since you're asking about research).

If so, the short list of top programs is probably Johns Hopkins, Emory/Georgia Tech, UCSD, Duke, and then some of the usual suspects (MIT, Stanford, Berkeley, UMich, UWash, etc).

For undergrad I don't actually know, but it's probably a similar list. In particular, if you can get grad research experience as an undergrad, the strength of the graduate program actually might matter more anyways :P

But of course cost is an issue, so if you have an in-state program that isn't bad, then doing that and then a follow-up PhD (which is usually free) in a top school would be a good approach too.

Edit: looks like I was wrong, it's UCSD not UCLA that has the stronger biomed eng program