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What is the process of qualifying to teach subjects based on the Praxis Exam?

I was told by a fellow student that if I took the Praxis Exam in an area unrelated to my major, which is History Education, that I could be qualified in that area also. I am asking this because I was wondering if I could take the math portion of the test as well. If I then passed the math portion, would I be qualified to teach in math even if I did not major in math? I would like to explore this option if possible in case a history education position was not readily available. Aslo, if this is true, please explain to me how this process works.#education-policy #education #teacher #education #math #mathematics #praxis #exam #testing

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2 answers

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Mo’s Answer

Most states require the Praxis Core or their own version of the test. The Praxis Core includes: Reading, Math, Writing.

Regardless of your sought subject matter to teach, you’ll probably have to pass this Core test (depending on the state).

You will thereon have to pass the prerequisite for your subject area. For example, I’ve taught Social Studies and ELA - so I had to pass a Praxis for both before I could legally teach the subject.

You can tack on as many electives as you would like through additional Praxis tests, but you’ll only be certifiable in subjects you complete a dedicated teacher prep program in (or in some states have a bachelor’s or master’s specifically in - i.e. bachelor’s in English).

Finally, in order to be truly certified - regardless of subject taught - you’ll have to pass the PLT Praxis and/or complete the new EdTPA requirement.

Becoming a teacher in U.S. public schools has become very strenuous over the past 5 years.

I’ve gone through every step and succeeded - including EOC results, true LOE, and MAP results.

If you are willing to do all these things, then please do,

The easy way is to major in ed in undergrad because you have 4 years and no grad school rigor work; otherwise, it’s hell in grad school...which is what I did.

Choose wisely; follow your fieriest passion(s) to the grave - you’ll never extinguish. :-]

Mo Kaushal (M.Ed.)

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John’s Answer

Although anyone CAN take any Praxis Exam, the primary purpose of Praxis Exams is to demonstrate mastery of your subject for the teacher certification process.

The Praxis Exam can help you land a job (or at least earn an interview) at a school which hires at least some teachers without certification. For example, I see you are from Roanoke Rapids -- there is a good charter school there (KIPP Gaston) which might well consider an unlicensed teacher who had earned an impressive Praxis School.

John recommends the following next steps:

If your question is really "How do I get a teaching job without certification?" explore both charter schools and private schools.
Before you take a Praxis exam, make sure you purchase and use a study guide.