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How do I continue to stay focused while studying?

Asked Franklin Grove, Illinois

When I am studying, I often find my mind drifting to other less important topics. It is difficult to stay focused on the subject at hand for long periods of time. In order to perform better academically, I need to reassess my study techniques and find a way to stay focused.
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2 answers

Matthew’s Answer


Kayla, good question and one that I think everyone has at some point.

For me, the answer was to figure out the ideal location to allow me to focus. I, personally, need to be secluded from other people and any potential distractions. In college, I found a corner of the library where I couldn't sit with my friends and I would put some music I knew really well so I wouldn't be distracted and could tone out what was happening me around me. I also would turn off the wifi on my computer so I could't start surfing the internet. In the end, I forced myself to be bored so the only relief from that boredom was to study.

Hannah’s Answer


Kayla - this is a great question.

In addition to Matthew's comment, one tip in particular that always helped me study was to take small breaks. By planning a small break (10 mins) every 45 minutes to an hour, you tend to more efficient and productive during the time you are actually studying.

See the article linked below for some more thoughts on this topic!


I hope this helps!