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What are some ways I can keep myself sane while attending grad school and working full time?


I'm going back to grad school and planning on working full time. I know my life will be extremely busy for the next 2ish years and I live in a small town away from any big city adventures #time-management #graduate-school #working-full-time #school #lawschool

2 answers

Jordan’s Answer


This is such a great question and something good to think about before you start! I am completing grad school in July and I have worked full time throughout the process. It is tough, but very doable! Something I do is carefully review the syllabus for my classes at the start of the term and find out which weeks are going to be the most homework-intensive. I then mark those weeks on my calendar so I know that I need to be careful when scheduling personal events. Also, at the beginning of each week, I plan which days I will study for what amount of time. I try to keep at least 2 days to myself, so that when I'm off work that day, I can relax and catch up on TV, work on a hobby or spend time with friends. If you are in a committed relationship, I would recommend keeping your partner in the loop so they know what to expect when you can't devote as much time to them. My last piece of advice is this: it's okay to take a break! My grad schedule is 1 term every ten weeks, no summer break, no spring break and only 1 week between classes every ten weeks. I had to work a few empty terms into my schedule because otherwise it would have been too much. Good luck!

Jordan recommends the following next steps:

  • When the term starts, keep the syllabus in an easy place to review!
  • Plan ahead for study time, work time and personal time. And stick to it!

Jesus’s Answer


Hi Megan! I completed my grad school also while working full time! I would really advise to balance your work, family, and free time! What is your work Schedule? I was working 7Am-3Pm & did my school online! Worked on my homework after work. I dedicated at least 5-6 hours a week to work on homework, maybe little more if I have a test to complete. I will say that I have lots of late nights working on homework, but it paid off in the end. I wish you the best on your career and school. 

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