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How do I develop a relationship with my teachers?

I have always been an extremely quiet kid and #teacher #help #high-school I know I need to get to know my teachers better for help with homework and future recommend action letters, but I don't know how. #relationship-building #teaching #interpersonal-skills #communication #communication-skills

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5 answers

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Courtney’s Answer

Hi Sofia,

This is a great question! I'd recommend that you spend time after class talking with the teachers. I find that they are always willing to have a conversation! You should tell them what your interests are and be sure to ask for help. You can always ask a friend to talk to the teacher with you as well!

My mother was a teacher, and she was always surprised how nervous her students were to talk to her. Please remember that teachers are people, too! You should consider them as a friend and don't hesitate to ask them to spend a few minutes talking to you. Best of luck to you!


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Sandra’s Answer

I too was the quiet kid, however my brother told me to pick one or two classes that I was very interested in and liked the teachers. I would start by smiling and saying "Good Morning", "Good Afternoon", etc. Then as you start to maybe feel more comfortable, take any questions you have to the teacher after class and ask for a minute or two to discuss, or even if you don't have a question, put yourself out there (harder to do than say, but sometimes you have to go outside your comfort zone), and let them know that you are enjoying the class. Eventually, it led up to me asking one of my teachers if there was anything I can do to help out with the class, she invited me to come to her class during my study period and she had me help with her lower grade class paperwork and prepping for the next day. Through this I was able to gain a deeper relationship and she became my champion at the school and as I was applying for colleges.

Just make sure that you push yourself, if you allow yourself to cave into your anxieties about talking to the teacher one on one, you are letting the anxiety win...step above and take that step! Good Luck

Sandra recommends the following next steps:

Decide which class(es) are your faves and start there, it makes it easier.

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Karen’s Answer

I was also an extremely quiet kid and never once raised my hand in school even though I knew many answers.  I believe most teachers noticed that I was interested in the class and they could always count on me to have homework done completely and on-time.  Little things like saying good morning with a smile and always thanking teachers whenever there's an opportunity will help to communicate what a great student you are.  Perhaps you could give them a hand-written note or card before holidays like Thanksgiving or Christmas with a note to say how much you appreciate them as teachers.  It took me years to slowly initiate conversations and then felt good about it.   Be confident about your many abilities and that will shine through.  With every good wish!

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Steve’s Answer

Most people go into teaching because they're excited about working with students and helping them learn and grow, so they welcome the opportunity to get to know you personally. Staying alert and asking thoughtful questions in class will certainly get you noticed, and there are many other opportunities to get to know your teachers better.

Steve recommends the following next steps:

If possible, arrive early before class and/or stay late after class is over, as this will give you some one-on-one chat time to talk about the course, ask a question, discuss something relevant in the news, or ask for their advice.
Many teachers, particularly in college, hold "office hours". This is the perfect time to stop by and introduce yourself, ask a question about the class, and get to know them.
Teachers often sponsor or advise on-campus clubs, spirit groups, student government, etc. Getting involved in these activities can give you some great opportunities to get to know teachers and work along side them.

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Deepak’s Answer