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How many years does it take to become a practicing neurologist with a doctorate degree?

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3 answers

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Angela (Angie)’s Answer

Hi Oreoluwa,

It typically takes about 12 years to become a neurologist. 4 years are spent as an undergraduate working toward a bachelor's degree, and then another 4 years are spent in medical school. After medical school, graduates will then undertake a one-year internship, followed by a 3-year residency program.

Angela (Angie) recommends the following next steps:

Bureau of Labor and Statistics, check out Occupational Outlook after you search. www.bls.gov
Become a Neurologist: step by step https://study.com/articles/Become_a_Neurologist_Step-by-Step_Career_Guide.html

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Tiffany’s Answer


It should take approximately 12 years to become a practicing neurologist with a doctorate degree. The first 4 years are spent obtaining an bachelor’s degree, and the the next 4years are spent within medical school. Medical school comes after you take and successfully pass the MCAT exam. After medical school, there is 4 more years, which consist of an one year internship and three years of residency.

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Maria’s Answer


Here is a great info link