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Research Internship

Asked Pylesville, Maryland

Hello! I am currently a junior in high school going into my summer before senior year. I am interested in doing a research internship with a local physics college professor over the summer, and I am looking for advice on how to go about that. What steps should I take, what should my email look like, etc? Thank you!

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2 answers

Ophelia’s Answer

Updated Los Angeles, California
Hi Kayleigh! I agree with Satya, it's important to demonstrate in your cover letter or email to the professor what has motivated you to apply for the internship. I would research some parts of the industry and then mention why you think you would be a good fit - what motivated you to get started, and your past experiences that will help you to demonstrate that you are a great candidate for the internship. For instance, why did you choose physics and why do you want to pursue a career in it? It's already proactive of you to ask this question on CareerVillage and many people appreciate someone who is proactive and willing to ask for what they want.

Satya’s Answer

Updated Edison, New Jersey
You should for sure go ahead and email the professor . But before that do your due diligence to understand what you specifically like about his research and what motivates you to work with him. How that particular internship will help you in achieving your career goal. What is your career goal ?? Include all this in your email. You can go ahead and impress him by saying you read this article about him and his research. Also, some universities have a Summer program for high school and you can inquire about that from the admin. Hope this helps!!Good Luck.