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What is the best way to become a state trooper?

I am a senior at Norman County West and will be hopefully filling out applications for college soon. I have been looking into being a state trooper for a long time now and I have a few questions to ask. What college classes are needed to be a trooper, and how many years? I have also been told that it is better to work your way up from a lower position (say a deputy sheriff) and than become a state trooper. What would be the best way to become a state trooper, work my way up from police officer to a trooper, or just work hard at school and dive right into becoming a state trooper. Also what are some good personality traits to have as a trooper? Thanks for the response! :)
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3 answers

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Kim’s Answer

A police officer of any type needs to have good grades, good character, and good judgment. The background checks are very intense. They will talk to your neighbors, college professors, friends, and co-workers. One bad review can kill your chances. So, always do the right thing! Absolutely no use of drugs, and keep drinking to a little social drinking. Never drink so much that you are out of control. Be mature when it comes to dating. Don't have a different girlfriend each month. Don't take on more debt than you can handle, and pay your bills on time.

Embrace technology. You will use it on the job. Keep yourself in very good physical condition. This includes all 3 types of exercising: stretching, cardio, and strengthening. Develop your writing skills. You will write a lot of reports. They will need to be clear and concise, and accurate. Be a people person. Take jobs in customer service, or other areas where you are with and around people. Be mindful of your social media!!! Guarantee you they will look at it! Absolutely no activity that shows you to be prejudicial against any particular people.

Sometimes you can go straight into being a trooper, but it is more common to have other patrol experience first. As the time gets closer, you will want to talk to a recruiter to see what they recommend. Age is also a factor. If you will be 22 years old, right out of college, that is still pretty young. To be honest, a lot of young people don't mature until about age 25. Everyone is different, so I'm not saying I've never met a mature 22 year old!

Classes? You can major in criminal justice, public administration, etc. If your college offers a security escort service you could get involved in that. (My school offers late night escorts.)

Law enforcement is a very rewarding career - I wish you the best!

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Thompson’s Answer

Here is my answer to your question, I been wanting to become a Texas Department of Public Safety officer for several years, There was time when you worked at a corrections division you could work for the Texas troopers. I talked to them and they require you to have an associates degree or equivalent to 60 college credit hours in the criminal justice field toward the law enforcement. Here is a good comment i was informed upon, If you study up on your Spanish and take a few college courses to prove you taken the courses then your pay would increase. You could work at a police department or jail division but it would have to be as a sheriff not a jailer. You have to be certified to carry a weapon and be able to have your TCLOSE license to carry as a peace officer. for 2 years as law enforcement or prior military for 2 years or 60 college credit hours to even apply for DPS. I'm working my way to get my degree as we speak along with my experience as a Texas Department of Criminal Justice Division employee for almost 20 years, that experience goes along with me and can provide the right kind of reasonable suspicion to get the job needed done that may arise.
Hope this furthers your inquiries and does not discourage you. Aim high and do not give up.

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Wayne’s Answer



Hope that helps