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What is the hardest part about being a nurse?

Asked Dallas, Texas

There are many challenges that come with working in the medical field. I want to know what is the most difficult thing about being a nurse since I hope to become an RN. #medicine #nursing #knowledge #health

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Teresa’s Answer

Updated Memphis, Tennessee

Hi Frances-  What a wise question!   It's interesting that you would ask this, because when my niece asked me about being a nurse, I asked her to come follow me at work for a brief time and told her to ask each nurse she met what was the best part and worst part of their job.  I thought there would be a variety of answers because we have lots of nurses of varying ages and backgrounds....but what I found was that ALMOST universally, the nurses who were asked said the best part of their job was making a difference in the lives of their patients AND the worst part was that in the hospital we are ALWAYS open-- so weekends, nights, holidays....we never close....so a nurse has to miss things with their families in order to care for their patients.   Of course, these were just hospital nurses and you can always work in offices, minor meds, schools, etc. and the answers might be different!   Best of luck to you in your future-  our society ALWAYS needs good nurses!

Thanks-  Teresa

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