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As an upcoming intern at the CDC what should I prepare for? What type of data analysis would I be working with?

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2 answers

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Kyla’s Answer

The work you´ll be asked to do will depend largely on what area you are working in.

Another area or work may require you to understand different levels of data quality and clinical studies. For example, the differences between a randomized controlled study and an observational study, phase 1 vs. phase III.

It may also be that you will be involved in organizing literature or conducting/interpreting literature reviews, in order to synthesize or analyze results.

As already mentioned, comparative analysis may be required, or also meta-analysis to combine results of various studies. Also, while someone on your team may be conducting the analysis, it may be that you will be asked to gather and verify the information/variables of interest. Having a structured process will be useful to staying organized when looking at a lot of variables so that you don´t have to go repeat work.

In general, I also suggest you ask for tips from your team in terms of staying organized when dealing with data.

Kyla recommends the following next steps:

Review Cochrane´s Guidelines on literature reviews
Review Cochrane´s evidence pyramid
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Sofia’s Answer

You are most likely going to be working with governmental statistics. This will include census data such as the datasets found here:

I believe you will be looking more at health factors across different demographics e.g. obesity amongst differing age groups, gender and nationality. Think regression analysis also.

Recalling what you learned about comparison analysis would be ideal.

Sofia recommends the following next steps:

Review your stats/econometric text books (Analysis of Economic Data by Gary Koop)