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Do you have to study at a collage to be a video game designer

Updated Round Rock, Texas

I want to be a video game designer of my career in the future job, but I is BROKE so i don't know if you have to go to collage for video game designing . and how much do they pay yearly? #videogames #videogamedevelopment #collage #idon'tknowwhattodo #gaming #computer games #video-game-design

2 answers

Zhanwu’s Answer

Updated Seattle, Washington

I have been working with game designers from several game studios, they are essentially programmers but working on building games.

It is never a requirement to have a college degree to be a programmer, but it is often difficult for you to get the proper training without a college training and takes more effort to land your first job.

Payment wise, it depends on the location, but in a city like Seattle, the starting salary for a game programmer can be around 80k/year.

Sadie’s Answer


Hey Kristo!

I think this question and answer is applicable to almost any career: It's pretty rare that you absolutely have to go to college, especially with the information available online. However, it's also pretty rare that you will have a high-quality career if you don't start it with a high-quality education.

My advice would be to invest in your career! This is a lifetime decision you're making and it's worth some sacrifice in the beginning. You will thank yourself for your efforts later when you have an awesome game design career!