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Do biologists use augmented reality? -Katie, Hannah

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In STEM Camp they are teaching us about virtual and augmented reality, and it's got me thinking about what I want to be when I leave school. I like animals. Could a wildlife biologist use AR to study animals? - Katie

What about marine biologists? - Hannah

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2 answers

Anand’s Answer


Katie/Hannah - great question!

Believe it or not, augmented reality can be used in almost every single educational and career field. Let me give you a couple examples geared towards biology. Imagine walking through a park and you see a beautiful flower, but don't know anything about it. You can point your phone towards the flower/tree/plant/butterfly and immediately received digital information superimposed on the screen. It will tell you the name, division, where you can find them, perhaps even a button which you can press which can have someone send a couple of those flowers to your house! The same can go for marine biology and wildlife. Instead of pointing your phone towards a flower, imagine walking through a jungle and through AR lens an extinct animal comes walking out of a bush in front of you. Then the screen shows you information about the animal and there is a voice that describes the traits and origins of the animal.

The possibilities are endless. Keep asking such questions!

Lai’s Answer


I love animals also! I will go beyond AR/VR. I think there is a need to create a solution that enables human to communicate with animals. Imagine technology like Artificial Intelligence can translate signal from the animals (the signal may be a sound, color pattern, posture, movement, touch, release of an odorant, etc.) to something that human can understand. Wouldn't that be great?