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How will I be able to balance all the traveling I want to do with college and a career?

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3 answers

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Cecília Iacoponi’s Answer

Hi Devon. Your question is so relevant!
It is very important to make a balance between college- career -traveling.
Everything that you get in the world is special to make your identity as a professional-person-individual.
So, if you just get your focus in college, you lose precious opportunities to increase your back ground with new experiences knowing new places, people and several kinds of culture.
One good idea is to schedule in your break ( fall, spring)or at summers time a different place to visit and if it is possible, to work as a volunteer . That is a great thing to do especially to make you fell better doing something for the world , independent of the others earnings you will have to confirm the career you want to achieve.

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Zach’s Answer

This is such an excellent question! I've found that travel has definitely helped my professional career by providing perspective and experience that I wouldn't have otherwise.

Cecília's answer was spot on in that planning your time away is key. In college you will likely have planned breaks (spring, summer, etc) so work to book those trips in advance to try and save on cost (those times tend to be popular for travel). If you want to take some time off school, work with your professors to identify what time during the term would be best to step away and if they are able to provide you with any pre-work you can complete before heading out.

As for traveling with a career, this is something that I've always held as important. Depending on your path, there are more and more companies that offer unlimited PTO. Usually this translates to "as long as the work is getting done, you can take a few weeks off". Keep vacation time in mind as you start looking for jobs and interviewing. Again, planning is key as you will either need to get ahead of your work schedule or set up teammates to cover while you're out. There are also companies that allow remote work where all you need is a strong wifi signal. Having flexibility on PTO, working hours, and remote locations all make traveling while holding down a career so much easier.

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Ken’s Answer