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What was your motivation to be an Engineer?

Asked Los Angeles, California

Many people say it was the hand on work however is there something deeper than that, that brought you upon to pursue this field. #engineer #technology

5 answers

Prerna’s Answer

Updated Bengaluru, Karnataka, India

hi Juan,

Your question took me back i memory lane.

This was 1st Feb 2003 , it was my grandfather's birthday and we were all celebrating. It was also the day a crew who had gone to space in the only reusable shuttle of that time , was to come back to earth. One of the crew members was an Indian-American Kalpana Chawla - first Indian woman in space. I was in 3rd Grade and to me it was just fascinating at the time to see the reentry of a spacecraft. Suddenly it exploded. We saw it exploding over the Television . That's when I started to read about Kalpana Chawla and what she's achieved.

She and her journey through all the struggles was my inspiration to be an engineer.


Updated Bengaluru, Karnataka, India

"Parental push "

Rich’s Answer


I have been motivated by knowing how things work - on the inside and being able to the put various pieces together to make new and better solutions.   I am still facinated about how things are made and how we can make better things  - including using technology, in safe and sustainable ways - to better society.

Joshua’s Answer

Updated Hillsboro, Oregon

Mine was simply (and still is), a desire to know how things work and then to be able to either make them myself or improve upon them. I love digging into implementation details until I understand them enough to find ways to improve them.

I started with building my own computers which led to installing different operating systems which led to learning to program and administer systems. These skills eventually led to my first jobs in the industry. My passion and love for learning how to understand, make, and build things still remains and is what makes me excited to head to work each day.

Rohit’s Answer

Updated Bengaluru, Karnataka, India

i choose engineering degree since childhood as i was good in maths and physics, but that is not necessary to be motivated since childhood because if you are determined you can do what yo want.