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Sr. Enterprise Architect - engineering technology to drive business solutions and better society.
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Civic Duty
Madeline’s Avatar
Madeline Mar 14, 2018 1604 views

What would be the best minors to take as an architecture student?

I don't know which classes would put me ahead of other architects, and I have a few interests in minors. If I were to minor in engineering, which type of engineering would be best? #minors #architecture #undergrad #engineering

Moiz’s Avatar
Moiz Aug 11, 2018 850 views

Upon graduating with a decent engineering degree and working just about enough to pay off the debt, how can one give back to the society?

My mother always emphasized on something - "always leave something better than how you found it". I would like to live up to her model.

#engineering #volunteering #payback #mindfulness #satisfaction #technology #upliftment #scholarship

Dylan’s Avatar
Dylan Jan 24, 2018 965 views

What Undergraduate Degree would best prepare me for a Systems Engineering/Engineering Management Graduate Degree?

I am seeking to become a Systems Engineer/Engineering Manager, but only graduate degrees are offered in these disciplines. What undergraduate degree could I pursue that would do the best job of preparing me for graduate level coursework? Would it be advantageous to complete a bachelors degree...

Evgeni’s Avatar
Evgeni Apr 23, 2018 794 views

Is a masters in any engineering field worth the extra investment?

I'm a prospective engineering student and I was wondering if pursuing a masters in the future is a worthy investment of time and money, or if I should plan on just getting my degree and starting work? The financial aspect of college is a big deal for my family and me, so a professional opinion...

John’s Avatar
John May 24, 2018 781 views

What is something about being an Engineer that ended up being different than you expected?

I feel like we all have particular expectations when we go into a job and preconceived notions of what it will be like. What is something that you discovered going into engineering that was different than you expected?

#industry #engineer #engineering

Yilei’s Avatar
Yilei Apr 29, 2018 722 views

Is a Master's degree necessary?

I am pursuing an engineering major and was wondering if I should pursue a Bachelor's degree or a Master's. Is it necessary for engineering students to continue their studies after undergrad? Also, is a BS degree a lot more practical than a BA degree?

Jailee’s Avatar
Jailee Apr 27, 2018 941 views

Is it harder to get into an engineering program because I am a female and there are a lot of males in the field naturally?

I looked at the ratio from female:male in a typical engineering course and it is on average 2:8. So just wondering if the competition is the same no matter what or if it is different. #engineering #girls-in-stem

Juan’s Avatar
Juan Jul 20, 2018 730 views

What was your motivation to be an Engineer?

Many people say it was the hand on work however is there something deeper than that, that brought you upon to pursue this field. #engineer #technology

Erin’s Avatar
Erin Aug 17, 2016 1164 views

Good Engineering Schools in the South

What are some solid engineering programs in the south, I'd like to pursue this as my major, but also steer clear of Georgia Tech. #college #engineering #college-major

Nadine-Marie’s Avatar
Nadine-Marie Mar 19, 2018 1076 views

Is getting an Electrician’s License after earning a B.S. in Electrical Engineering (BSEE) wise?

I am a College Senior majoring in Electrical Engineering. My long-term goals include: 1) using what I learned in school to create, build, and repair things; and 2) owning an Engineering firm. I, therefore, think learning a technical skill similar to my present major might be very...

Yashna’s Avatar
Yashna Oct 22, 2016 776 views

What would you recommend a college student do to prepare for working in the real world?

I'm going into college and want to make the most of my time. #engineering

Sylvia’s Avatar
Sylvia Jan 11, 2018 840 views

I want to be an acoustical engineer - what can I do to start now?

I'm a freshmen in high school and I'm interested in becoming an acoustical engineer. I play an instrument and I enjoy physics and math. I know that acoustical engineers need to have at least a masters degree and experience in the field. What can I do now to get started? How and where do I get...

Michaella’s Avatar
Michaella Mar 13, 2018 741 views

Is it difficult to study engineering in college without much experience?

When deciding on what major to apply to for college, the only thing I knew for sure was that I wanted to use my huge passion and love for science to solve tangible problems in both communities and global societies. I settled on engineering, but was unsure due to the fact that I had little...

Zachery’s Avatar
Zachery Oct 19, 2016 779 views

What are some top schools for engineering?

I have been looking into colleges and I just want to know from person thought. #engineering

Bronwyn’s Avatar
Bronwyn Oct 30, 2016 1205 views

Where can I find organizations that support women in STEM-related careers?

As a woman hoping to get a STEM-related career after college, I recognize the fact that there are few of us. Are there any organizations or places where I may be able to find like-minded women?I believe it is important for women to support one another, especially in a male-dominated field of...