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Is there a specific college I should go to, to have a good career in becoming an ER/doctor?

Hi, my name is Kylea. I am a 6th grader trying to find out information for a class project. For this class we are supposed to create a resame, cover letter, and choose a career we might be interested in becoming. I have asked this question because if I would like to become an ER, I would like to know what college would help set me up to have a good career in becoming an ER/doctor. #doctor #medicine #surgeon #medical-field #er

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2 answers

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Alexander’s Answer

Go to the college that you feel most comfortable in and make sure to study hard during junior high and high school so that you can pick any college you want!

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Estelle’s Answer

Any reputable 4 year university is appropriate. You will need to do well in the pre-med classes and maintain a 3.8+ GPA.