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How do you maintain stress while attending college?

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2 answers

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Kim’s Answer

Hi D'Avion

Great question. We are all unique in how we manage our stress, however there are some things that are commonly used that may be helpful. Don't hesitate to try several methods to find those that you feel may be most applicable to you. First remember that stress can be self-induced so try to keep things in perspective when you feel the stress coming on. Effective time management is a great way to mitigate stress so try to find your best method. However when it comes on you can try yoga, meditation, walking or other physical exercise, deep breathing, etc. You can also try to just step back and see the situation from a third party perspective. It's amazing how that helps you see a way thru it. Best of luck.

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Lora M’s Answer

<span style="color: rgb(67, 58, 83); background-color: transparent;">Hi D'Avion,</span>

From my personal experience, I realized that the best way to manage stress was to be involved in something on campus. For example, when I took up 9 classes at once during one of my semesters (which I'll never do again!), I realized that I was soo stressed out that at times I found myself panicking - especially during mid-terms. That's when I decided to find something to just get my mind off of academics entirely and to get some sort of breather. In search of something to be involved with, I decided to explore what my campus had to offer. That's when I found the photography club. During my time in the club, I would walk around the campus (on and off) and take pictures of whatever seemed interesting. The whole experience was both slow-paced and calming, so it was perfect in my opinion. This really helped me take my mind off of school and helped me concentrate on something else. I ended up enjoying myself soo much that I even became secretary of the club and stayed for 2 semesters .This involvement essentially became my outlet of stress relief. Try to find your own outlet from around you. It could help you maintain your stress while attending college.

Kind Regards,

Lora Kim

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Find something you can keep your mind off of academics.