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Will a small college help me achieve more success in the classroom?

I am currently entering my junior year at a small school and I love it!! There's more one on one time with my professors which gives me the help and attention I need to succeed. Some people can just walk into a class and learn something right off the bat, but that wasn't me and I was always needing to ask questions, so if I were going to a bigger school with more people in my classes I wouldn't be getting the grades I'm getting now. I have also noticed that having a smaller campus size makes you more likely to encounter the same people almost every day, which is a good thing and not so good thing at the same time because it's not new and exciting. BUT I am a lot more outgoing now because of it and I'm currently in 5 different organizations at my school which looks good on my resume! Natalie M.

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3 answers

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Jasanpreet Kaur’s Answer

Yes, a small college helps in achieving more success in the classroom. Because success is not determined by the size of the class. It is determined through your focus and commitment in the field you are in. Also, your class participation and clearing of doubts not just through professors but also through self-research helps you to be successful and ahead in your classroom.

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Linus’s Answer

It depends on your learning style. A smaller college typically means smaller classroom sizes, which could give you the opportunity for more one on one interaction with your professor. I find that engaging one on one is more beneficial for my learning style because I can ask really focused questions and get more specific answers in a smaller classroom. I'd recommend taking advantage if your professors offer office hours, or are willing to stay after class to address any questions you have that came out of the lecture.

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Praveen’s Answer

Success is a derivative of actions, not the size of the classroom.

It does not have anything to do with small or big where you study. It is the size of your effort that counts.