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How many universities should I apply to as a transfer student?

As a transfer student who applied to 7-10 schools, I'd advise you to not apply that many. I thought that because I applied to many universities, I have much bigger chances and safety to get into these schools. However, how it ended up is that I don't have much time and effort to spent on each application while taking care of my classes thus my applications ended up being mediocre and I missed a few requirements that lead me to rejections I would say know which schools that you really want to go to maybe 2-3 then really give all your energy to it. Then, have 1 or 2 safety schools that you want. You want to communicate with your advisor constantly. But if you have a not-so-decent advisor like mine, it'd probably best that you don't rely heavily on your advisor and do your own research. Mandy N.

Heidy, You should apply to as many colleges as you possibly can. This way, you will have more options when it comes time to choose, and perhaps maybe when you are not even realizing it, you will find the college of your dreams and not even realize it. Rich D.

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Daisy’s Answer


I recently worked at a community college in their transfer center and when students would ask this question I always recommend that they apply to at least more than 1 school, and make sure it is a school that is of interest to you. Many schools have impacted majors which makes it more difficult to get into them which is why you want to apply to more than 1. I would suggest applying to at least 4 CSUs and 4 UCs if you get the fee waiver. As a transfer student you may be able to get an associate degree for transfer and get a guarantee admission into a CSU. I would also look into the TAG program for the UCs and see if that list has a college of interest on there because if you follow their matrix you might be able to get guaranteed admission to one of the UCs.

I suggest visiting your college's transfer center to look at your options and meeting with a counselor so that they can make sure that you have the courses to transfer completed.

Daisy recommends the following next steps:

Look into a ADT-Associate Degree to Transfer
Look into TAG for UCs
Go on Assist.org to check what classes you need to take to transfer to specific schools
Visit your school's transfer center for more information

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