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Is it better to apply to a school you have a shot getting into but not being able to pay tuition or not applying at all?

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Nancy’s Answer

Hi, Lisa,

One reason it is worth applying if you think you might go there is that you will have an opportunity to apply for financial aid and scholarships if you apply. At some colleges, all candidates are considered for scholarships. Applying for financial aid early is key, also. You can do that at in the fall of the year before you enter college. That program helps you identify the amount most colleges will expect your family to contribute, which helps them compute your financial need.

If you already know that despite scholarships you may be awarded and aid you may be eligible for that you can't afford to go, such as if you must live at home, this may not be worth your time.

Nancy recommends the following next steps:

Fill out FAFSA at https://fafsa.ed.gov/