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What will help me stand out to colleges as I’m applying?

Asked Belleville, Illinois

I recently noticed my GPA is a 3.3 unweighted and a 3,9 weighted as I’ve been taking honors since freshman year. This kind of worried me as I saw the acceptance rates regarding gpa for certain colleges. #help #advice #gpa

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Victoria (Tori)’s Answer

Updated Boston, Massachusetts

Hello! Many colleges are taking the approach that GPA alone cannot predict whether a student will succeed in college. Therefore, they look at each candidate "holistically" which essentially means that they look at the whole candidate. This might mean looking at a student's essays, extracurricular experiences, interests, and hobbies. In the common application, there is space for you to convey that you are a good candidate in your personal essay and volunteer experiences. Therefore, your GPA is not the entire snapshot of who you are as a candidate. Make sure to show them how special you are in these other ways!

Victoria (Tori) recommends the following next steps:

  • Write a personal essay that shows that you are an exceptional candidate.
  • List your volunteering/extracurricular experience in the applications.