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What is better to major in to become a large animal veterinarian? Animal Science, Animal Health, or Pre-Veterinary studies?

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Tania’s Answer

Especially for a large animal vet (equine? or ruminant? or porcine?) An Animal Science major or a major that helps you understand animal management would be the most helpful.

  • Animal science—the study of the biological function of domestic and captive animals and their utilization by people—focuses on modern, efficient and humane ways to care for and make the best use of the animals who share our lives. https://www.ucdavis.edu/majors/animal-science/.

Animal Health would be helpful as well, but it is more focused on learning skills related to work in a veterinary clinic. This is more geared to people who want to be a veterinary technician, but you could use this degree to get to vet school too.

  • With a bachelor's degree in animal health science, you can become a veterinary technologist, working side-by-side with veterinarians. Customize your major to go into private practice, research, public health or business administration. https://www.cpp.edu/~agri/animal-health-science/index.shtml

Pre-vet is not really a major, it is a collection of coarses that allows you to satisfy the requirements for vet school admissions. Each vet school has slightly different requirements, so you would have to have an idea of which school(s) you will want to attend (https://www.aavmc.org/data/files/vmcas/prereqchart.pdf) You can complete any major while completing pre-vet studies.