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What college courses would be beneficial for me to take to be a dentist?

Updated Pikeville, Kentucky

Hello my name is Aastha P. I am in 7th grade and go to Pikeville Jr.High School in Pikeville, KY. , I am currently attending a S.T.E.M Camp through Verizon Innovations in Learning. I would love to have some input as to the path I need to take to become a dentist. #dentistry #dentist #dental #classes #college

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Alexis K.’s Answer

Updated Lexington, Mississippi

The best courses for dentistry are chemistry, anatomy and physiology so you can know the bodies makeup, biology, and also physics. After you take your core classes your freshman and sophomore years, it would be good to find a dentist office you can observe or intern with to see understand the work of a dentist. In your junior and senior years before entering dental school make sure you talk with advisors about scholarships and professional recommendations. The best way to prepare yourself is to do research online too. Read about dentistry, become a student member of the dental association if possible and most of all start now immerse yourself in science courses. Since you are in 7th grade, keep your focus on your dreams and do the research, learn about volunteer opportunities in the dental community where you live, and network while you are in junior high, in high school, and by the time you enter college you will have everything you need to become a dentist.