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What is a day in the life of a CFO?

Asked Creedmoor, North Carolina

3 answers

Chelsea’s Answer

You will likely have very different days, but most will entail meeting with your direct reports frequently to help solve issues and share your view on the direction of the business, meet with the CEO on more high level/broad topics about the business strategy. Also, if there are complex technical accounting issues or transactions being contemplated or ongoing, you will be involved in discussions and expected to share thoughts on how those accounting issues/transaction may impact the company and offer advice on what next steps should be taken by your employees.

Colin’s Answer

Hi Deon,

I think this really depends on the company and industry that the company is in. The CFO will often oversee a large grouping of an organization. The CFO could oversee accounting, tax, IT, treasury, planning, investor relations. So each day is likely very different. It also depends very much on the size of the company and whether it is public or private.

Yousef’s Answer

Great question Deon,

As I am not a CFO of a company I cannot personally speak to what a day in the like would be like. But I was able to find a great article that may give you some insight into the position.