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On college applications, should I include all of my community service, or should I just include the things that meant the most?

Asked Burlington, North Carolina

I am wondering if community service gets redundant after so much of it and then if it may be better for me to include all of it on my applications. Should I just include the most recent things, and the things that impacted me the most? #application #volunteer

2 answers

Karen’s Answer

Updated Saint Paul, Minnesota

If it's possible to include all of your community service, that is a good thing. I believe those reviewing college applications look for a variety of volunteer experiences which demonstrate your flexibility, interests and ability to work with various individuals and cultures.  If you can't list them all, you might estimate the total amount of volunteer hours you've had in the last year and include that. I'd say focus mainly on those experiences that relate to your future goals.

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Lory’s Answer

When filling in applications, be consistent with the question asked. If it asks for all past community service, I would suggest listing all. And if this gets lengthy, list by year(s) if the organizations are consistent over the years.. Also include the roles you played, or the impact you (and the group made)... $10,000 in contributions collected, and so forth. The volunteering should show your leadership and teamwork abilities and your care for your community. These skills will transfer to your college and workplace.