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I am an interior design major and I would like to know what should I minor in that would compliment my major?

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Alice Foster’s Answer

There are many great options and the one that is best for you depends on how you see yourself utilizing your interior design degree and where your interests lie. Want to be an expert in the architectural elements of your designs? Minors that address art (history) and architecture will inform your studio work, and you can even focus on specific time periods. Many successful professionals in every field are those who find a related niche market. Interested in green design? Environmental studies may be a good option. Want to do commercial design? Consider some minors that relate to the audience your designs will serve, such as consumer studies for retail space design. Thankfully, this is a question that you may be able to answer by simply exploring different interests in your core coursework.

Alice Foster recommends the following next steps:

Take advantage of your school's career education center and ask if they can connect you with alum in your field of interest. A brief informational interview to discuss how you can marry those subjects that you enjoy to your design studies can point you in the right direction--and help you start building your network.

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