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What to look forward to as an Aerospace Engineer?

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Hello, I am 16 and a current junior in high school and I was wondering what to look forward to if I decide to go into Engineering - more specifically Aerospace/Aeronautics. Designing and constructing things has always been my strong suit, and I also love math and art in school and great hights have also interested me. I am looking to know more about this so I know what programs to be a part of during my junior and senior year. Thank you.


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Hi Jazmin:

Last year was was son first year in college and he is studying to be a Mechanical Engineer so I can give you some pointers. Depending on the school you want to go to, they normally want to see a progression in your course studies in HS from 9th grade on. AP course help but do not push yourself to the point of driving yourself crazy. Many engineering schools have you take basic courses which expose you to different areas of engineering. Most engineering schools are looking for students who add something to the school. My son visited all of the big schools. Georgia Tech, MIT, RIT, WPI and many more and all of them are amazing. The schools today are looking for well rounded kids and in fact are mixing up liberal artist & engineering students because of the amazing positive results coming out of the classes. Hope this helps. Feel free to let me know if you have more questions. Charlie